10% discount on all sports related services


Welcome to our Sport Injury Clinic – Bansel Osteopathy has been providing a range of sports services for years and our expert practitioner, Alex, is ready to help with your sports related issues today. 

Whether you have a specific injury you need help getting over or you need a general sports massage after a competition or tournament we can help!

From Football and Rugby Injury to Climbing, Tennis and Golf – We can help with a wide range of sports injuries, training and competition fatigue and more

We are offering a 10% discount on all sports related services until the end of January 2020. Simply contact us by e mail, phone or contact form and use the code SPORTS10 to get your discount which is applied on payment for the session.

Types of Issues We Cover

Plantar Fasciitis
Shin Plints
Groin Strain
Hamstring issues
Knee Injury
Elbow Injury
Runner’s Knee
Rotating Cuff Tendinitis
Back Pain
Tennis Toe and Elbow
Tendon and Ligament Damage
Muscle Strains
Neck and Back Injuries
Many More…
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