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Gardening Help

Now the gardening season is upon us again, here are some top tips to help you minimise the risk of injury to your back, knees and wrists. Warm your body up before you start gardening and do a short cool down when you finish. Here are a few helpful exercises you can do to stretch your muscles out before you…


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How to Stay Healthy Working from Home

Millions of people are now working from home and a large percentage of them are probably doing it for the first time. The idea can often be really nice, but the reality can be very different. Challenges of Working from Home While the idea of sitting around working in your PJs might be attractive it is all comfy cups of…


10% discount on all sports related services

10% Discount on All Sports Massage and Injury Treatment Welcome to our Sport Injury Clinic – Bansel Osteopathy has been providing a range of sports services for years and our expert practitioner, Alex, is ready to help with your sports related issues today.  Whether you have a specific injury you need help getting over or you need a general sports…


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Osteopathy and Neck Pain.

Osteopathy and Neck Pain. Neck pain is a very common problem in people of all ages and if not treated and managed properly, it can result in acute or severe chronic pain. Your neck is made up of seven vertebrae, six discs and various muscle, nerve and connective tissues.  The upper three joints provide the majority of your neck and head…


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Stay Resolute

Every January, most of us pledge to change our ways and be a better version of ourselves.  Statistically, we opt for resolutions that require us to drastically change our patterns of behaviour, in favour of eating more healthily and losing those extra pounds to feel better, look good and live longer. A third of people living in Britain make New Year’s resolutions every year, but as many…


Effortlessly Healthy!

Your body’s well being is essential to feel good and most people feel that they could be doing more to improve their health. Here are 7 simple ways that you can adapt your day to day routine to make a real change, try them out-they couldn’t be easier!


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