Nicola Hare

Registered Massage therapist.


Nicola trained in Sports and Remedial Massage with Premier International in 2002. She has over 15 years experience in treating a range of injuries and ailments arising from sports, work and lifestyle issues or problems resulting from stress and unresolved trauma in the body.

Using specific sports techniques, Nicola aims to realign surface and deep spasms within the muscles employing more general techniques to soften fascia, move lymphatic waste, reduce pain and speed recovery. She works in a preventative capacity to keep you in optimal health.

As a mindfulness teacher and trainee psychotherapist, Nicola has developed a good understanding of how stress and past trauma can affect your body.

Nicola offers Sports Massage, Swedish Massage (relaxation), Deep Tissue Massage (deeper pressure, relaxation) and Mindful Massage (using body scans and mindfulness techniques for clients who find it difficult to switch off during a relaxation massage). Any of these approaches can be included in a treatment to suit your needs and preferences.

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