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Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial Osteopathy

Cranial osteopathy is a very safe, effective and gentle technique which involves the use of light pressure to enable the body to release tensions and strains.

It is most commonly associated with the treatment of children but again is suitable for all ages and can be very useful where patients do not like manipulation or in conditions such as osteoporosis where you do not want to be exerting a lot of force on someone's body.

Cranial Osteopathy and Children

It is commonly thought that babies and children are too young to have structural stresses and strains in their bodies, in reality the opposite is true. Birth is one of the most traumatic events that our bodies undergo. As a baby's head passes through the birth canal, under the pressure of uterine contractions, it is subjected to immense force. In the majority of cases, the baby deals with this extraordinarily well as the soft bones in their head have the ability to contort and overlap, however, for others, this isn't the case.

Cranial osteopathy can help babies and older children with:

  • Difficult or assisted births, for example forceps or vonteuse deliveries.
  • Sickness, colic or wind.
  • Feeding difficulties.
  • Crying, screaming or irritability.
  • Sleep disturbance.
  • Low immunity.
  • Recurrent ear infections.
  • Sinus or dental problems.
  • Headaches and growing pains.
  • Behavioural problems, learning difficulties and special needs.

If you would like a confidential chat to discuss whether cranial osteopathy would be an appropriate approach to your condition prior to booking an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our Sussex clinic.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does cranial osteopathy work?

Cranial osteopaths use a highly developed sense of touch to find areas within the body that are holding tension or strain, and to examine tissue quality throughout the body, including the head. Physical and emotional trauma can be subtly stored in the body and restrict normal motion. Trauma can also compromise the function of surrounding tissues and organs.

Cranial osteopathy works by using gentle touch to release tension from problem areas within the body, especially the skull. The restored function resulting from cranial osteopathy treatment can help with a wide range of conditions.

My child had a difficult birth – is it worth seeing a cranial osteopath?

Absolutely. During childbirth the bones in the skull compress and overlap, allowing the baby to fit through the birth canal. As a result, the skull is easily traumatised, especially in ventouse or forceps deliveries, breech births, caesareans and for big babies or fast deliveries. All of these scenarios can lead to health problems later on. Cranial osteopathy helps to counteract such issues and promotes maximum health.

What happens at the first visit?

On the first visit, we will take a detailed medical history of your child. We will ask questions about the birth and any presenting complaints. We will then carry out a medical examination to assess the nature of the symptoms and then carry out treatment according to our findings. We will always explain everything we do as we go along.

Is cranial osteopathy safe?

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle and safe form of treatment and is suitable for babies, children and the elderly, as well as all ages in between.

Will the treatment hurt my child?

Cranial osteopathy treatments are very gentle and generally very relaxing for babies and children. Some babies can become a little unsettled after treatment, and this is generally due to the changes happening in their bodies. In these instances, most parents report that their child was just a bit irritable for a few days. In most cases, parents notice their child is calmer and more relaxed following treatment.

Will my child be treated on the first visit?

In most cases treatment will be carried out during the first visit, following a full examination. If there is any reason we cannot treat your child, we will provide an explanation and refer you to your GP or an appropriate medical practitioner.

Do I need a GP referral for cranial osteopathy?

You do not need a GP referral to see a private cranial osteopath.

How many treatments will my child need?

Every case is different. Usually babies respond quickly and benefit significantly from 2 to 6 treatments. We will have a better idea of the number of treatments required after the initial examination.

Are there any side effects?

There is a small chance your child may be slightly unsettled for up to 48 hours following treatment, but in most cases, parents only notice a positive difference. There are little or no side effects from cranial osteopathic treatment.

Is cranial osteopathy covered by private health insurance?

Many health insurance policies include cranial osteopathy in treatments covered by their policy. Every insurance policy is different, so always check with your insurer prior to making an appointment for advice on what your individual policy covers.


Looking to rent a therapy room?

I have been receiving treatment from Jasi for back and neck problems as well as for postural alignment and have found her to be very helpful and understanding. I would recommend her to anyone needing osteopathic treatment without any hesitation.


Following a difficult birth, Jasi treated my six week old son with cranial osteopathy and helped to relieve his colic, transforming a very difficult first baby into a manageable one. So as a matter of course, I took my second child who had her own set of problems following a caesarean birth to Jasi for treatment and she straightened those out too. Jasi has also treated my husband, who after years of heavy physical work and motorcar racing as a hobby suffered bad migraines and a painful back. After the initial intensive treatment course, he now goes for maintenance and is problem free. Jasi has also treated him for his sleeplessness and tiredness through kinesiology and has also helped me get rid of my candida. All in all, Jasi has helped every member of my family through her vast knowledge and technical understanding of the human body and how to manipulate it.


I originally went to Jasi, on recommendation from a friend, because I was in pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. Jasi was able to assess immediately what my problem was. Her treatment eased the pain and made me mobile, this often included cranial osteopathy, which I have found to be excellent in coping with tensions caused by stress etc… Jasi has also given me nutritional advice which has helped my skin and health. My wife and son also see her for treatments and I would very happily recommend Jasi to others.


I have been going to see Jas for the last 12 years. I was a professional motocrosser until I retired 3 years ago. Every year I was in the top 10 in Great Britain. During that time I sustained various injuries. Jas managed to keep me racing every week. I had various operations and she was able to get me up and running again as quickly as possible. I now go to her for regular maintenance and would recommend her to anyone.


I started seeing Jasi in the summer of 2011. I had been extremely ill for a year and no one could give me any answers. Within 15 minutes of kinesiology work, Jasi had sussed what was wrong and put me on a special diet and told me that I needed to take certain supplements. I cannot recommend anyone more highly, within 1 month, my chronic fatigue amongst other problems were finally going and I now go for regular check ups so Jasi can keep my health and well being on track. Kinesiology is a very powerful healing method and Jasi is the one to go for it!


I would thoroughly recommend going to see Jasi (and I already have to many people). She has treated me as an osteopath when I was pregnant and had back pain from an injury, she treated my son when he was very small following a difficult birth (and although he couldn't speak he was clearly comfortable with her - she is great with kids!). More recently she has been treating me as a kinesiologist for a number of things that conventional medicine can't do. Jasi is obviously highly skilled and very responsive, and her lovely manner puts people at ease. An excellent practitioner in every way!


Jasi has a holistic approach and gives great advice on matters such as diet and lifestyle to help improve ailments and conditions for babies, children and adults. I have recommended Jasi to friends and family who have been really pleased with results they have had from her services. We talk about her 'magic hands!'.
Jasi has a lovely manner with babies and children, she is calm and confident – would thoroughly recommend her to any parent.


Jasi has used a variety of techniques to solve the many problems I have presented her with….physical manipulation, cranial osteopathy, advice on diet and exercise and an amazing sense of humour! Her dedication and professionalism are without question and I would recommend her unreservedly.


I am a long term sufferer of low back and neck pain which often leads to headaches and feelings of nausea. Jasi keeps my problems manageable, has good analytical skills and uses a variety of techniques including deep massage, cranial osteopathy and occasionally manipulation to relieve my pain. She is always friendly and I know that I can trust her, I highly recommend her.