Coronavirus Changes

Our COVID safety policies will still be in effect after the government’s restrictions are lifted on 19/07/21.

    1. Before your appointment, you will be asked to complete and return a quick questionnaire and consent form. This form will be sent out with your emailed Cliniko appointment reminder 24 hours before your booked appointment time. This form must be filled in and returned to us before your appointment time. If for some reason, you haven’t received this form, just let us know and we can run through the form with you on the phone.


    1. You must wear a mask to your appointment session unless otherwise agreed by your practitioner.


    1. Please do not arrive at the clinic until your appointment time as in between each patient. Waiting areas will not be available for use so please do not bring anybody else to the clinic with you, unless otherwise agreed by your practitioner.


    1. When we open the door, we will be dressed in the appropriate PPE.


    1. On entry to the clinic, you will be asked to sanitise your hands. We will be using alcohol gel for this but if you prefer to wash your hands instead, just let us know.  All the doors will be opened for you to minimise any surface contact you need to have and we will close the treatment room door behind you.


    1. One of the windows will be open during treatment to allow for ventilation.


    1. You will receive a confirmation and reminder email from Cliniko and we are happy to send you a text or email with the appointment time/date.


    1. The clinic is currently only taking cashless payments. Our preferred method is card payment.


  1. On exiting the clinic, you will be asked to sanitise your hands again and we will open all the doors for you to leave.

Do we need to do anything when we get home after treatment?

When you arrive home, it is advised that you take off your coat/jacket as near to your front door as possible and leave it to air. Wash your hands thoroughly and take your mask off (-make sure to take this off properly from the ties behind and don’t touch the front of the mask). Throw the mask away-preferably in a separate plastic bag that you can tie up and put into your rubbish bin. Wash your hands again.

Because of the nature of the treatment, following best practice, it is advisable that you put the clothes that you wore into the clinic into the washing machine on the highest wash that the clothes would take and then hang the clothes out or tumble dry them and jump in the shower.

If you have any queries about the new processes or just want some more information, please get in touch by phone or email (01444 200575/

Stay safe and we look forward to seeing you soon!

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