Cranial Osteopathy

What is Cranial Osteopathy?

Cranial osteopathy is a very safe, effective, and gentle technique which involves the use of light pressure to enable the body to release tensions and strains.

It is most commonly associated as a technique used in the treatment of babies and children, but is suitable for all ages and can be very useful where patients do not like manipulation or in conditions such as osteoporosis where you do not want to exert a lot of force on someone’s body.

We are well known for cranial osteopathy right across Sussex and especially in Haywards Heath and the surrounding area. Our expert team has years of experience and are happy to discuss any specific issues or questions you may have. Our clinic is a happy and friendly place for adults and children alike. We also offer a wide range of appointment times to suit most needs.

If you are looking for cranial osteopathy in Sussex or would like a confidential chat to discuss whether cranial osteopathy would be an appropriate approach to your condition prior to booking an appointment, please do not hesitate to contact our Haywards Heath clini

Cranial Osteopathy for Babies and Children Across Sussex

Because of the gentle nature of cranial osteopathy it is highly suitable for treating babies and children. It can be very useful in assisting babies recover from the physical effects of birth, although bruising and head shape issues can often work themselves out, cranial osteopathy can assist where this process is incomplete. It can also help relieve stress throughout the baby’s body and help them sleep better, feed better, cry less, and generally be happier.

Cranial Osteopathy is also effective in toddlers and older children too.

What Is Cranial Osteopathy

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Cranial Osteopathy for Adults in Sussex

While often associated with the treatment of babies, Cranial Osteopathy is also very effective for treating adults too.

As each treatment is specifically tailored to your individual needs, as with a structural osteopathic approach, We might also advise you on self-treatment techniques, corrective exercise prescription and pain management.


Four Hand Technique Treatment Sessions

These sessions are an ideal way to maximise the effects of your treatment and benefit from the combined skills of two practitioners.
Check out Hiisha’s video below for more information on four hand technique cranial osteopathy! Four hand technique appointments with Jasi and Hiisha are available on Fridays.

4-hand cranial osteopathy is a very efficient form of treatment as it enables you to see two practitioners at the same time with their unique skills combined. This form of structured treatment has the same cranial outlook but with two practitioners we can look at the whole body at once rather than one specific area. The treatment is going to be more intense and ultimately help you to recover quicker.

What to expect

During a cranial osteopathy treatment, you will feel the the osteopath putting an extremely light pressure on different areas of your body. Some patients are aware of different sensations in their body while treatment is occurring, while others are unaware of anything happening at the time but say that they feel different afterwards. The majority of patients become very relaxed during treatment and it is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep. Sometimes babies do cry during parts of the treatment, this is usually helped by either feeding, sucking on a dummy or being distracted by playing with their toys or watching/listening to something on their parent’s phone.

Cranial Osteopathy Testimonials

I really recommend this clinic! I had bad migraines and was treated by Hiisha with a range of gentle techniques which helped a lot.
Madeleine Lipp
Hiisha helped me a lot with a stiff neck and tense shoulders. She explained every step and I felt safe and relaxed during the treatment. I found her very professional and felt she really listened to my complaints. Would definitely recommend.
Jasi treated my daughter Grace who at 3 months was suffering with both reflux and colic, therefore being very unsettled sleeping. Jasi was excellent and explained everything she was doing and was a delight to chat to in general. My daughter now is much more comfortable and happy and her sleeping bad massively improved since her treatment. For any parents who’s child has digestive issues I cannot recommend enough. Thank you!
I have seen Jasi a few times now about some head injury issues. So far she has helped me enormously and it’s great to feel more like myself already. She is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly recommend her.
I took my 7.5 month old daughter to see Jasi for cranial osteo work after she had a tongue tie release. Following the tongue tie release procedure, Maeve was experiencing pain in her mouth and was reluctant to feed - only taking in small amounts of milk, unless fed while sleepy. After our first cranial session, Maeve did her first long, lovely feed in 5 days. She then slept for two hours! Something she hadn't managed in a long time. A few additional sessions really helped to relieve the tension she'd built up from overcompensating when feeding with a tongue tie and now Maeve is feeding really well and is comfortable. I would definitely recommend cranial osteo as an essential treatment after a tongue tie release - the closer to the procedure the better! It has been really transformational for us.
I had pain in my ear that travelled into my tongue, preventing me from talking, eating and swallowing. Jasi pulled all her different bows together to tailor treatment for me and the improvement was amazing, so quick too.
Following a difficult birth, Jasi treated my six week old son with cranial osteopathy and help to relieve his colic, transforming a very different first baby into a manageable one. So as a matter of course, I took my second child who had her own set of problems following a Caesarian birth to Jasi for treatment and she straightened those out too.
Although I’ve only been to see Jasi twice, I have seen absolutely amazing results in such a short space of time! I was recommended Jasi by two different friends who referred to her as a ‘miracle worker’ and I can completely see why they said this. I can’t wait to continue my journey with Jasi and see even better results.
We taken to Jasi my 3 month old daughter Allison. After every treatment changed a lot. Better and better every time. She struggled with colic and wasn't slept very well. She so different now. Thank you Jasi - I would not hesitate to recommend to others!!!!

Cranial Osteopathy FAQs

Cranial osteopaths use a highly developed sense of touch to find areas within the body that are holding tension or strain, and to examine tissue quality throughout the body, including the head.

Cranial osteopathy works by using gentle touch to release tension from problem areas within the body, especially the skull. The restored function resulting from cranial osteopathy treatment can help with a wide range of conditions.

Absolutely. A cranial osteopath can assess your baby for any misalignments and for any tensions or strains that their head or bodies are holding. As a result, the skull is easily traumatised, especially in ventouse or forceps deliveries, breech births, caesareans and for big babies or fast deliveries. All of these scenarios can lead to health problems later on. Cranial osteopathy helps to counteract such issues and promotes maximum health.

On the first visit, we will take a detailed medical history of your child. We will ask questions about the birth and any presenting complaints. We will then carry out a medical examination to assess the nature of the symptoms and then carry out treatment according to our findings. We will always explain everything we do as we go along.

Cranial osteopathy is a very gentle and safe form of treatment and is suitable for babies, children and the elderly, as well as all ages in between.

Cranial osteopathy treatments are very gentle and generally very relaxing for babies and children. Some babies can become a little unsettled after treatment but in most cases, parents notice their child is calmer and more relaxed following treatment.

This is generally due to the changes happening in their bodies. In these instances, most parents report that their child was just a bit irritable for a few days. In most cases, parents notice their child is calmer and more relaxed following treatment.

In most cases treatment will be carried out during the first visit, following a full examination. If there is any reason we cannot treat your child, we will provide an explanation and refer you to your GP or an appropriate medical practitioner.

You do not need a GP referral to see a private cranial osteopath.

Every case is different. Usually babies respond quickly and benefit significantly from 2 to 6 treatments. We will have a better idea of the number of treatments required after the initial examination.

There is a small chance your child may be slightly unsettled for up to 48 hours following treatment, but in most cases, parents only notice a positive difference. There are little or no side effects from cranial osteopathic treatment.

Many health insurance policies include cranial osteopathy in treatments covered by their policy. Every insurance policy is different, so always check with your insurer prior to making an appointment for advice on what your individual policy covers.

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