Massage in Haywards Heath

We offer a range of massage services in Haywards Heath and being situated so close to the train station we have many clients coming from other locations too. Our professional and highly trained massage therapists are here to help so please call to discuss any particular issues you may have or the type of therapy you may need.

How Can Massage Help You?

Massage therapy combines a variety of techniques and pressures to physically manipulate the body’s muscles, connective tissues, tendons, ligaments and joints. It improves circulation and lymphatic drainage and can assist in alleviating the discomfort associated with:

  • Everyday stresses and tension.
  • Occupational stresses, for example, repetitive strain injuries, poor ergonomic positioning at work.
  • Muscular tensions, over-use and injuries.
  • Acute or chronic pain conditions, for example-neck and back pain, tension headaches.
  • Poor joint mobility.

Massage can also help healing in soft tissue so can help with recovery from sports or other injuries. As it also relaxes the body and mind a lot of people choose massage as part of a wider well being process.

Massage is suitable for all ages. The clinic currently offers people in Haywards Heath a range of different types of treatment including sports massage, Swedish massage, deep tissue massage and mindful massage. Please call the clinic to speak to one of our qualified massage therapists about the appropriate type of massage for you if you are unsure.


Massage Testimonials

Jackie worked wonders – relieving much of the discomfort right from my first session. My neck feels looser and stronger and I’ve been able to reduce the frequency of my treatments by following her suggested exercises at home.

I arrived for my massage after a day at the computer with a sore shoulder. Jackie welcomed me and took a brief history. She focused on my neck back and shoulders where I hold my stress and eased the knots out very efficiently checking with me regarding the pain and pressure. I emerged relieved and feeling lighter.

I have been suffering with headaches, neck and shoulder pain for as long as I can remember – generally I am one tight knot!. Jackie listened to my issues, asked all the right questions and honestly gave be the best treatment I have ever had. After a very relaxing deep massage, I felt amazing. An excellent hour, well spent – definitely recommended.

I have been regularly treated by Nicki for more than 6 years, both to prevent injury and to treat inevitable bumps, strains and tears. She is a keen sportsperson herself and therefore understands the requirements of sportspeople. She has a wealth of expertise, skill and knowledge, provides remedial treatment when required as well as exercises and advice on how to avoid further injuries. I cannot recommend her highly enough. BTW she is also a great Mindfulness teacher, what’s not to like?

Good and professional massage therapist, very recommended.

Nicki is a very skilled sports massage therapist whose holistic approach has kept me relatively injury free for the past 10 years or so.

As a client and a chiropractor I can highly recommend Nicky for massage and I do to all my patients. A great balance of work to ease knotted muscles and relax the body. I find regular massage helps to reduce build up of muscle tension and keeps me feeling healthy.

Dr. Philip Mitchell
I have been massaged by Nicola for many years and highly recommend her. I have sports massage for work related back injury and gentle massage for relaxation and general well being.

I’ve been seeing Nicola since early 2018. She has really helped me with back pain I’ve been struggling with for years. I even treat myself to the occasional relaxation massage to help with body tension caused by work and life stresses! Very professional and highly recommended for specific injuries or just general relaxation.

I’ve been seeing Nicola for many years. Initially she helped me get my back sorted out after I had my scoliosis corrected. In the later years she’s helped me both overcome injuries as well as staying on top of any niggles and pain that’s come up in training. She’s great at listening and very knowledgeable. She respects the outcomes I want in my sport and always gives great advice on how I can improve and work on issues. I cannot recommend her enough!


Sports, Therapy and Well Being

We offer a range of massage services from simple relaxation massage including Swedish and deep tissue massage to massage therapy as well as specific sports massage too. We use a range of oils to aid relaxation as well as to enhance the healing effects of the treatment. Pressure is applied to specific areas that may be holding tension or proving problematic for you. Our massage therapists will discuss any specific areas of discomfort or tension before hand.

Sports Massage in Sussex

We offer highly effect sports massage from our practice near the station in Haywards Heath. We are easily accessible from most parts of Sussex and have on-site parking if travelling by car. Our highly experienced team are on hand to help with a wide range of issues. Get in touch today to book your session.

Sports massage is used by many athletes as a way of preventing injury and minimising recovery time, as well as enhancing performance in their training or for an event. This fantastic treatment can be used by fitness enthusiasts and people suffering from aches and pains caused by a busy lifestyle. From restoring body gait and flexibility to providing relief from pain, there are many benefits to sports massage. Our skilled practitioners have extensive experience in massage therapies to keep your body in top condition.

The Benefit of Sports Massage

Sports massage is a treatment that stretches and relieves the soft tissues in the body – the muscles, tendons and fascia. It’s an effective method for recovery after an intense training session or following an event and can be a great way of reducing stress in the body. Despite the name, sports massage isn’t just for athletes – it can be used to great effect by anyone who is experiencing muscle tightness or tension.

Our sports massage services in Haywards Heath are more than just a deep tissue massage, and they can be used to treat a wide range of ailments. This type of intense deep massage works to improve the circulation to the muscles and tissues, which helps to ease pain and speed up recovery.

Sports massage breaks down the adhesions in the body and removes lactic acid, which helps the individual to recuperate. It can also be used to aid healing during rehabilitation programmes, improve the range of movement and the flexibility of the muscles, and to break down scar tissue. Often, sports massage is recommended as a way of remedying common injuries such as knee injuries, tennis or golfer’s elbow, IT band syndrome, planta fasciitis, upper or lower back pain, ankle sprains and issues with the Achilles tendon.

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