Osteopathy Testimonials

I really recommend this clinic! I had bad migraines and was treated by Hiisha with a range of gentle techniques which helped a lot.
Madeleine Lipp
Hiisha helped me a lot with a stiff neck and tense shoulders. She explained every step and I felt safe and relaxed during the treatment. I found her very professional and felt she really listened to my complaints. Would definitely recommend.
I have been a patient at Bansel Osteopathy for several years and I highly recommend them.
The staff are very efficient and friendly and always explain my condition and subsequent treatment. After years of suffering with pain following a back operation, Shani was able to effectively reduce this to imperceivable levels. She is kind, funny and an incredibly good Osteopath!
Jasi never ceases to amaze me with her skill and knowledge. I have consulted her for several years and her help and advice is invaluable. I have no hesitation in recommending her. I wouldn’t be without her!
Wonderful experience with Shani here at Bansel Osteopathy. She's extremely knowledgeable and kind, it's always a pleasure, and I'm feeling much better after just a few sessions already. Highly recommended!
I have had trouble with my neck and lower back for years, my wife recommended coming and getting checked out. I have now had several visits and it has changed the quality of my life. I am not completely pain free, but am much more mobile and have some great stretching and strengthening techniques. One of the things I have noticed is a significant reduction in head aches/migraines. Would highly recommend the care and treatment, very friendly team 🙂
Jasi has been treating my parents for many years and I recently had two sessions with her. I was impressed. She was very thorough, knowledgeable and kind. Her treatment was effective and she gave me a clear path forward to continue improving when I returned home.
I’ve been seeing Shani for over a few months she is very kind , professional and great at explaining everything through ,I can already see a real difference to when i first started coming to see her and have gained much more mobility , I would highly recommend 🙂
I have been suffering from back pain and headaches for years. I don't like to rely on prescription medicine, which led me to Bansel Osteopathy. I've been getting treated for a couple months now and I can confidently say this has been the best solution! Ever since I've been a patient my pain has reduced and my headaches are not as frequent as they used to be. Everyone is super friendly and personable. I'm so glad my friend recommended me to this clinic.
Jasi has been treating me for long-standing back problems for many years. She has a great knowledge of how the body works and has sorted out shoulders, knees and ankles at different times. Both my daughters have also been helped by Jasi in the past and I am happy to recommend her to others.
I’ve currently been seeing Shani for the passed 2-3 months with upper back pain and I have been seeing some amazing improvements. Shani is friendly and welcoming and highly experienced in her job. I really recommend the Bansel clinic, as well as Shani and Jasi after seeing some great improvements.
Jasi was amazing! I started treatment in a lot of pain and limping quite badly from an accident, but after several weeks of weekly sessions I am now back to normal. Jasi looked at my body as a whole and also managed to help a lot with some upper back pain I had been experiencing. She was really friendly and professional throughout and I would highly recommend her to anyone who needs their body sorting out!

Cranial Osteopathy Testimonials

Jasi treated my daughter Grace who at 3 months was suffering with both reflux and colic, therefore being very unsettled sleeping. Jasi was excellent and explained everything she was doing and was a delight to chat to in general. My daughter now is much more comfortable and happy and her sleeping bad massively improved since her treatment. For any parents who’s child has digestive issues I cannot recommend enough. Thank you!
I have seen Jasi a few times now about some head injury issues. So far she has helped me enormously and it’s great to feel more like myself already. She is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly recommend her. I have seen Jasi a few times now about some head injury issues. So far she has helped me enormously and it’s great to feel more like myself already. She is very knowledgeable and I thoroughly recommend her.
I took my 7.5 month old daughter to see Jasi for cranial osteo work after she had a tongue tie release. Following the tongue tie release procedure, Maeve was experiencing pain in her mouth and was reluctant to feed - only taking in small amounts of milk, unless fed while sleepy. After our first cranial session, Maeve did her first long, lovely feed in 5 days. She then slept for two hours! Something she hadn't managed in a long time. A few additional sessions really helped to relieve the tension she'd built up from overcompensating when feeding with a tongue tie and now Maeve is feeding really well and is comfortable. I would definitely recommend cranial osteo as an essential treatment after a tongue tie release - the closer to the procedure the better! It has been really transformational for us.
I had pain in my ear that travelled into my tongue, preventing me from talking, eating and swallowing. Jasi pulled all her different bows together to tailor treatment for me and the improvement was amazing, so quick too.
Following a difficult birth, Jasi treated my six week old son with cranial osteopathy and help to relieve his colic, transforming a very different first baby into a manageable one. So as a matter of course, I took my second child who had her own set of problems following a Caesarian birth to Jasi for treatment and she straightened those out too.
Although I’ve only been to see Jasi twice, I have seen absolutely amazing results in such a short space of time! I was recommended Jasi by two different friends who referred to her as a ‘miracle worker’ and I can completely see why they said this. I can’t wait to continue my journey with Jasi and see even better results.
We taken to Jasi my 3 month old daughter Allison. After every treatment changed a lot. Better and better every time. She struggled with colic and wasn't slept very well. She so different now. Thank you Jasi - I would not hesitate to recommend to others!!!!

Osteopathy in Pregnancy Testimonials

I was in incredible pain with my ear and tongue, and couldn't eat for 3 days, also pregnant this was worrying. After my appointment with Jasi I slept through the night and my pain was greatly reduced. I felt that she was pulling all her knowledge and experience together and really thinking about how best to help me, trying different things when something didn't work first time on me. I would highly recommend, you are in safe and experienced hands.
During my pregnancy, I was increasingly experiencing more and more discomfort as well as general back pain. I was recommended Bansel Osteopathy by a friend and it exceeded my expectations. I had several sessions of various treatments which massively reduced my pain as well as increasing my mobility and ensured I stayed aligned through the latter stages of my pregnancy. I am now a week away from my due date and feel confident and strong in my own body. Jasi is a very friendly, caring and professional Osteopath and always explained what was happening and how it would help me. I was given extra stretches and advice to do in my own time and I always felt safe with my treatments. I would highly recommend Bansel Osteopathy to anyone especially those who are pregnant.
I saw Shani for lower back pain in pregnancy and she was amazing, I go back for maintenance now as the care and attention is unmatched to other places I have been.
During my pregnancy I developed lower back pain and was in need of some treatment to help relieve this. Jasi was very reassuring and her treatment helped reduce my pain considerably. She always made sure I felt comfortable with what she was doing and explained things very clearly. She also gave me useful exercises to do at home which I found really beneficial. I would highly recommend Jasi to anyone who is experiencing pregnancy related joint pain.

Applied Kinesiology Testimonials

Jasi's kinesiology sessions are an essential part of my healing process and I always enjoy the clear benefits of her treatments and recommended supplements. With my autoimmune condition (Hashimoto's), rather than going through a series of trials and errors myself, it's very helpful and reassuring to know exactly which supplements I need to restore balance in my body and this is one of the areas Jasi is very skilled at picking up on. As well as being a very skilled practitioner, Jasi is also a really lovely person who genuinely cares about her clients and I can wholeheartedly recommend her to anyone looking for a great holistic health practitioner.
Jasi has been successful in managing my complex health issues for a number of years. Her exceptional skills as an osteopath and kinesiologist has enabled me to lead a normal active life. She is highly skilled and understands my complex health issues ensuring treatments are affective. I cannot thank her enough for the continuity of care she gives me.
I have received treatment from Jasi for several years to manage a long term back problem. Linked to this I also have kinesiology testing and diagnostics with advice to help maintain my general health. This is particularly useful as I am now in my mid seventies! Areas covered are hormonal balance for example thyroid. I have a tendency to suffer with candida in my gut and in the past had a stomach infection. These situations are managed by a combination of hands on treatment and appropriate supplements prescribed by Jasi. Jasi has a very extensive knowledge of all matters relating to management of good body function and always considers underlying conditions. All diagnostics and treatment are always provided in a very personal and sensitive way.
Jasi has a holistic approach and gives great advice on matters such as diet and lifestyle to help improve ailments and conditions for babies, children and adults. I have recommended Jasi to friends and family who have been really pleased with the results they have had from her services I would thoroughly recommend her.
I have been extremely ill for a year and no one was able to give me any answers. Within 15 minutes of kinesiology work, Jasi has sussed out what was wrong with me and put me on a special diet and told me that I needed to take certain supplements. I cannot recommend anyone more highly, within one month, my chronic fatigue months are the problems were finally going and I now go for regular checkups so Jasi can keep my health and well-being on track. Kinesiology is a very powerful healing method and Jasi is the one to go for it!

Massage Testimonials

Jackie worked wonders – relieving much of the discomfort right from my first session. My neck feels looser and stronger and I’ve been able to reduce the frequency of my treatments by following her suggested exercises at home.

I arrived for my massage after a day at the computer with a sore shoulder. Jackie welcomed me and took a brief history. She focused on my neck back and shoulders where I hold my stress and eased the knots out very efficiently checking with me regarding the pain and pressure. I emerged relieved and feeling lighter.

I have been suffering with headaches, neck and shoulder pain for as long as I can remember – generally I am one tight knot!. Jackie listened to my issues, asked all the right questions and honestly gave be the best treatment I have ever had. After a very relaxing deep massage, I felt amazing. An excellent hour, well spent – definitely recommended.

I have been regularly treated by Nicki for more than 6 years, both to prevent injury and to treat inevitable bumps, strains and tears. She is a keen sportsperson herself and therefore understands the requirements of sportspeople. She has a wealth of expertise, skill and knowledge, provides remedial treatment when required as well as exercises and advice on how to avoid further injuries. I cannot recommend her highly enough. BTW she is also a great Mindfulness teacher, what’s not to like?

Good and professional massage therapist, very recommended.

Nicki is a very skilled sports massage therapist whose holistic approach has kept me relatively injury free for the past 10 years or so.

As a client and a chiropractor I can highly recommend Nicky for massage and I do to all my patients. A great balance of work to ease knotted muscles and relax the body. I find regular massage helps to reduce build up of muscle tension and keeps me feeling healthy.

Dr. Philip Mitchell
I have been massaged by Nicola for many years and highly recommend her. I have sports massage for work related back injury and gentle massage for relaxation and general well being.

I’ve been seeing Nicola since early 2018. She has really helped me with back pain I’ve been struggling with for years. I even treat myself to the occasional relaxation massage to help with body tension caused by work and life stresses! Very professional and highly recommended for specific injuries or just general relaxation.

I’ve been seeing Nicola for many years. Initially she helped me get my back sorted out after I had my scoliosis corrected. In the later years she’s helped me both overcome injuries as well as staying on top of any niggles and pain that’s come up in training. She’s great at listening and very knowledgeable. She respects the outcomes I want in my sport and always gives great advice on how I can improve and work on issues. I cannot recommend her enough!


Online Osteopathy Testimonials

I have been seeing Jasi , for over 15 years, the treatment I have received has been excellent, very friendly clinic, highly recommend.
Update May 2020 - I recently had a Whatsapp video consultation with Jasi as my back condition had deteriorated during the lockdown and I was looking at the prospect of having to go to hospital. She was able to determine what was going on and then give me details of exercises and movements (confirmed in an email) to alleviate the immediate problem. I did as she instructed on a daily basis and it has got me out of trouble. I look forward to the day when I can again visit her practice with appropriate PPE.
Thank you Jasi for coming to the rescue with your excellent one-to-one online consultations, using your extensive knowledge and experience to develop my own personal treatment plan. This has allowed me to continue to manage and improve my complex condition, now hands on osteopathy is Not possible due to social distancing. Once again a big thank you for all your help.
I had a telephone consultation today with Jasi, which was extremely beneficial. Jasi is a "mine of information" and very knowledgeable over osteopathy, naturopathy, applied kinesiology and massage. Jasi fully explained my problem and was able to give me reassurance and advice on relieving my symptoms. I found being in pain and not fully understanding my condition very worrying, especially during this extended lockdown period and I am very grateful & appreciative Jasi was able to offer some advice to relieve the symptoms. I have known Jasi for some years and have seen her for "emergencies" and general maintenance appointments and I would certainly recommend her to patients of all ages, she has a wealth of experience in many areas and is more than willing to offer help and support.
I would just like to say that during these times of crisis Jasi has not let me down. I suffer quite a lot with my joints and back and end up in excruciating pain. Since we have all been on lockdown Jasi has been amazing as usual by putting her clients first and as video calls to make sure they’re all okay. She has given me a list of exercises and pressure points to do and I couldn’t be more grateful. Thank you Jasi you are exceptional and the best and I would never go anywhere else.

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