Applied Kinesiology (AK) is a diagnostic system which uses muscle testing to ascertain areas of dysfunction within the body. It is based on the principle that our body is a self-regulating and correcting mechanism and that the body’s innate wisdom knows what is wrong – we just need to ask the right questions to find out what the problem is.


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Cranial osteopathy is a very safe, effective, and gentle technique which involves the use of light pressure to enable the body to release tensions and strains. It is most commonly associated as a technique used in the treatment of babies and children, but is suitable for all ages and can be very useful where patients do not like manipulation or in conditions such as osteoporosis where you do not want to exert a lot of force on someone’s body.


Online Help

Alongside face to face sessions, we will still be offering online consultations for those patients who do not want to come into the clinic but still need our help.These sessions consist of a case history taking, movement examination, advice on self-treatment techniques, corrective exercises and acupressure points to improve mobility and get you out of pain.



Osteopaths use a combination of soft tissue, visceral, cranial, joint mobilisation and manipulation techniques to restore normal function to the body. Each treatment is specifically tailored to your personal needs. Our fully qualified osteopaths may also advise on lifestyle, exercise and diet to help support and sustain your recovery.


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Throughout pregnancy, your posture and mechanics change to adapt to your developing baby. Your ligaments soften, the curves in your spine (especially through your lower back) become exaggerated and your centre of gravity moves forwards. Osteopathic treatment supports the body through these changes, especially during the mid to final stages of the pregnancy.



We offer a range of massage services in Haywards Heath and being situated so close to the train station we have many clients coming from other locations too. Our professional and highly trained massage therapists are here to help so please call to discuss any particular issues you may have or the type of therapy you may need.

Myofascial Release (MFR)

Back Pressure

Myofascial Release (MFR) is a soft tissue treatment, which differs from deep tissue or sports massage, that involves holding and stretching the tissues for a sustained period of time – typically 3-5 minutes.

1-on-1 Yoga

Abdominal Work - Bansel

1-on-1 yoga is a private yoga session that is designed just for you and your body’s needs. Anybody can do yoga. I have taught a wide variety of individuals: adults, children, teens, mums and babies, seniors, and stressed-out office workers!  I have been teaching groups and individuals for the past eight years and enjoy seeing people benefit from regular, mindful movement.


I really recommend this clinic! I had bad migraines and was treated by Hiisha with a range of gentle techniques which helped a lot
Madeleine Lipp
Hiisha helped me a lot with a stiff neck and tense shoulders. She explained every step and I felt safe and relaxed during the treatment. I found her very professional and felt she really listened to my complaints. Would definitely recommend.
Last year and I fractured my shoulder on holiday. After the fractured healed I had physio exercises to try and get my arm movement back. The hospital told me that I was not likely to get my full movement back. Three months on I decided to go to Bansel osteopathy as recommended by my husband. I now have full front and side movement. I can also put my arm behind my back and gradually I’m able to lift higher I am so pleased with the results, thank you!
The staff are very efficient and friendly and always explain my condition and subsequent treatment. After years of suffering with pain following a back operation, Shani was able to effectively reduce this to imperceivable levels. She is kind, funny and an incredibly good Osteopath!
I would just like to say that during these times of crisis Jasi has not let me down. I suffer quite a lot with my joints and back and end up in excruciating pain. Since we have all been on lockdown Jasi has been amazing as usual by putting her clients first and does video calls to make sure they are all ok. She has given me a list of exercises and pressure points to do and I couldn’t be more grateful.
Wonderful experience with Shani here at Bansel Osteopathy. She's extremely knowledgeable and kind, it's always a pleasure, and I'm feeling much better after just a few sessions already. Highly recommended!
I can thoroughly recommend Bansel Osteopathy. Over the last seven years both my children and I have received superb treatment. As babies both my children saw Jasi for cranial osteopathy which resolved their issues. Most recently I’ve been receiving treatment from Jasi for lower back pain, neck and tension issues. I cannot recommend Jasi highly enough, her treatment has been really effective in helping me. She is always friendly and I can trust her 100%. Jasi has given me some great advice for exercises and suggestions to ease the discomfort. She is extremely professional and is a highly trained osteopath.
I have had trouble with my neck and lower back for years, my wife recommended coming and getting checked out. I have now had several visits and it has changed the quality of my life. I am not completely pain free, but am much more mobile and have some great stretching and strengthening techniques. One of the things I have noticed is a significant reduction in head aches/migraines. Would highly recommend the care and treatment, very friendly team 🙂
Jasi has been successfully managing my complex heath issues for a number of years. Her exceptional skills as an osteopath and kinesiologist has enabled me to lead a normal active life. I must also recommend the excellent osteopathic treatments I have had from her colleagues. They are highly skilled and understand my complex health issues, ensuring treatments are very effective. I cannot thank the whole team enough for the continuity of care they give me.
I’ve been seeing Shani for over a few months she is very kind, professional and great at explaining everything through, I can already see a real difference to when I first started coming to see her and have gained much more mobility, I would highly recommend 🙂
I’ve currently been seeing Shani for the passed 2-3 months with upper back pain and I have been seeing some amazing improvements. Shani is friendly and welcoming and highly experienced in her job. I really recommend the Bansel clinic, as well as Shani and Jasi after seeing some great improvements.

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