Osteopathy in Pregnancy and New Mums

Can Osteopathy Help In Pregnancy?

Throughout pregnancy, your posture and mechanics change to adapt to your developing baby. Your ligaments soften, the curves in your spine (especially through your lower back) become exaggerated and your centre of gravity moves forwards. All these adaptations put extra pressure on the joints, muscles and ligaments in your spine and pelvis and can cause discomfort or pain. Osteopathic treatment supports the body through these changes, especially during the mid to final stages of the pregnancy.

Osteopathic techniques used during pregnancy are gentle and non-invasive, they are safe for both the mother and the baby.


Osteopathy in Pregnancy Testimonials

I was in incredible pain with my ear and tongue, and couldn't eat for 3 days, also pregnant this was worrying. After my appointment with Jasi I slept through the night and my pain was greatly reduced. I felt that she was pulling all her knowledge and experience together and really thinking about how best to help me, trying different things when something didn't work first time on me. I would highly recommend, you are in safe and experienced hands.
During my pregnancy, I was increasingly experiencing more and more discomfort as well as general back pain. I was recommended Bansel Osteopathy by a friend and it exceeded my expectations. I had several sessions of various treatments which massively reduced my pain as well as increasing my mobility and ensured I stayed aligned through the latter stages of my pregnancy. I am now a week away from my due date and feel confident and strong in my own body. Jasi is a very friendly, caring and professional Osteopath and always explained what was happening and how it would help me. I was given extra stretches and advice to do in my own time and I always felt safe with my treatments. I would highly recommend Bansel Osteopathy to anyone especially those who are pregnant.
I saw Shani for lower back pain in pregnancy and she was amazing, I go back for maintenance now as the care and attention is unmatched to other places I have been.
During my pregnancy I developed lower back pain and was in need of some treatment to help relieve this. Jasi was very reassuring and her treatment helped reduce my pain considerably. She always made sure I felt comfortable with what she was doing and explained things very clearly. She also gave me useful exercises to do at home which I found really beneficial. I would highly recommend Jasi to anyone who is experiencing pregnancy related joint pain.

Osteopathy for new mums

Following the birth of your baby, it is not unusual to experience aches and pains caused by the mechanic stress of labour as well as the new physical activities that caring for a newborn entails such as carrying them, their car capsules and prams, holding them in their feeding position and bending to change your baby.

Osteopathic treatment can get you out of pain and help your body cope. Alongside gentle treatment, you will also be advised on strengthening exercises, improving your posture as well as your positioning during the aforementioned activities to reduce stress on your body.

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