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Registered Massage therapist.

Nicola has over 15 years of experience in Sports Massage after qualifying with Premier International following a car crash that led to pain and injuries she had to overcome.

Since then, Nicola has developed her skills to include working with the vagal nervous system to provide a holistic approach to stress and trauma held in the body.

As well as treating and preventing sports injury, Nicola’s client base includes patients who:

  • Suffer from stress and stress-related ailments
  • Find it difficult to ‘switch off’
  • Have sedentary office-based jobs
  • Are over 60 and looking to promote wellbeing

Nicola also offers pregnancy massage for the second and third trimester and a body scan massage to help soothe the mind as well as the body, please ask about this if you have trouble switching off during a massage. There is no extra fee.


Last June I fractured my shoulder on holiday. After the fracture had healed I had physio exercises to try to get my arm movement back. The hospital told me that I was not likely to get full movement back. Three months on I decided to see Megan as recommended by my husband. Megan started my treatment in September my last appointment was January 2019. I now have full front and side movement. I can also put my arm behind my back and gradually I am able to lift it higher. I am so pleased with the result, thanks, Megan!
I would just like to say that during these times of crisis Jasi has not let me down. I suffer quite a lot with my joints and back and end up in excruciating pain. Since we have all been on lockdown Jasi has been amazing as usual by putting her clients first and does video calls to make sure they are all ok. She has given me a list of exercises and pressure points to do and I couldn’t be more grateful.
I can thoroughly recommend Bansel Osteopathy. Over the last 7 years both my children and I have received superb treatment. As babies both my children both saw Jasi for Cranial Osteopathy which resolved their issues. Most recently I’ve been receiving treatment from Anjy Chahal for over a year now, for lower back pain, neck and tension issues. I cannot recommend Anjy highly enough, her treatment has been really effective helping me. She is always friendly and I can trust her 100%. Anjy has given me some great advise of exercises and suggestions to ease the discomfort. Anjy is extremely professional, and is highly trained Osteopath.
Jasi has been successfully managing my complex heath issues for a number of years. Her exceptional skills as an osteopath and kinesiologist has enabled me to lead a normal active life. I must also recommend the excellent osteopathic treatments I have had from her colleagues. They are highly skilled and understand my complex health issues, ensuring treatments are very effective. I cannot thank the whole team enough for the continuity of care they give me.


We use osteopathy and sometimes cranial osteopathy to manipulate the muscles, joints, ligaments and tendons, and where appropriate, soft tissue treatments, such as stretching, deep tissue massage, strain counter strain, muscle energy techniques and medical acupuncture. In naturopathic treatments we use a technique called applied kinesiology to determine muscle weakness, which can help us to understand any internal problems associated with your presenting complaint, such as reduced blood supply or nerve damage. We will always explain everything to you as we progress.

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