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Sports Massage

Sports Massage in Sussex

We offer highly effect sports massage from our practice near the station in Haywards Heath. We are easily accessible from most parts of Sussex and have on-site parking if travelling by car. Our highly experienced team are on hand to help with a wide range of issues. Get in touch today to book your session.

Sports massage is used by many athletes as a way of preventing injury and minimising recovery time, as well as enhancing performance in their training or for an event. This fantastic treatment can be used by fitness enthusiasts and people suffering from aches and pains caused by a busy lifestyle. From restoring body gait and flexibility to providing relief from pain, there are many benefits to sports massage. Our skilled practitioners have extensive experience in massage therapies to keep your body in top condition.

What is Sports Massage?

Sports massage is a treatment that stretches and relieves the soft tissues in the body – the muscles, tendons and fascia. It’s an effective method for recovery after an intense training session or following an event and can be a great way of reducing stress in the body. Despite the name, sports massage isn’t just for athletes – it can be used to great effect by anyone who is experiencing muscle tightness or tension.

The Benefits of Sports Massage

Our sports massage services in Haywards Heath are more than just a deep tissue massage, and they can be used to treat a wide range of ailments. This type of intense deep massage works to improve the circulation to the muscles and tissues, which helps to ease pain and speed up recovery.

Sports massage breaks down the adhesions in the body and removes lactic acid, which helps the individual to recuperate. It can also be used to aid healing during rehabilitation programmes, improve the range of movement and the flexibility of the muscles, and to break down scar tissue. Often, sports massage is recommended as a way of remedying common injuries such as knee injuries, tennis or golfer’s elbow, IT band syndrome, planta fasciitis, upper or lower back pain, ankle sprains and issues with the Achilles tendon.

When Should You Choose this Treatment?

You should choose sports massage treatments as a preventative form of maintenance for sports recovery or even just as a way of healing the body from the stress and strain of everyday life. The treatment is ideally suited to those with physically demanding jobs or those exercising regularly each week, helping to keep the soft tissues of the body supple and working efficiently. However, if you have a more significant, specific injury that is causing you pain and mobility issues, we can use our expertise to create a treatment plan that will aid the healing process.

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At Bansel Osteopathy, we take pride in our sports massage services which can help not just athletic individuals but also office workers who suffer repetitive strain from their day-to-day jobs, or those with physically demanding jobs who have sustained injuries. People from all walks of life can benefit from sports massage – our highly trained Haywards Heath team can advise the best course of action for your needs to improve flexibility, posture and range of motion. Contact us today to make an appointment or for more information.

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    What Our Clients Say......

    I originally went to Jasi, on recommendation from a friend, because I was in pain in my lower back, neck and shoulders. Jasi was able to assess immediately what my problem was. Her treatment eased the pain and made me mobile, this often included cranial osteopathy, which I have found to be excellent in coping with tensions caused by stress etc… Jasi has also given me nutritional advice which has helped my skin and health. My wife and son also see her for treatments and I would very happily recommend Jasi to others.


    I have been going to see Jas for the last 12 years. I was a professional motocrosser until I retired 3 years ago. Every year I was in the top 10 in Great Britain. During that time I sustained various injuries. Jas managed to keep me racing every week. I had various operations, and she was able to get me up and running again as quickly as possible. I now go to her for regular maintenance and would recommend her to anyone.


    I started seeing Jasi in the summer of 2011. I had been extremely ill for a year and no one could give me any answers. Within 15 minutes of kinesiology work, Jasi had sussed what was wrong and put me on a special diet and told me that I needed to take certain supplements. I cannot recommend anyone more highly, within 1 month, my chronic fatigue amongst other problems were finally going and I now go for regular check ups so Jasi can keep my health and well-being on track. Kinesiology is a very powerful healing method and Jasi is the one to go for it!


    I would thoroughly recommend going to see Jasi (and I already have to many people). She has treated me as an osteopath when I was pregnant and had back pain from an injury, she treated my son when he was very small following a difficult birth (and although he couldn’t speak he was clearly comfortable with her – she is great with kids!). More recently she has been treating me as a kinesiologist for a number of things that conventional medicine can’t do. Jasi is obviously highly skilled and very responsive, and her lovely manner puts people at ease. An excellent practitioner in every way!


    Jasi has a holistic approach and gives great advice on matters such as diet and lifestyle to help improve ailments and conditions for babies, children and adults. I have recommended Jasi to friends and family who have been really pleased with results they have had from her services. We talk about her ‘magic hands!’. Jasi has a lovely manner with babies and children, she is calm and confident – would thoroughly recommend her to any parent.’.


    I recently went to Bansel Osteopathy for a back condition that I have had for a number of years. I saw one of the practitioners who asked me lots of questions about the problems I have had with my back. After only two sessions of treatment the discomfort I had gone away and with the exercises, she gave me the back is now very supple and giving me no more problems. I would thoroughly recommend Bansel Osteopathy for all your osteopathic needs!


    Last June I fractured my shoulder on holiday. After the fracture had healed I had physio exercises to try to get my arm movement back. The hospital told me that I was not likely to get full movement back. Three months on I decided to see Megan as recommended by my husband. Megan started my treatment in September my last appointment was January 2019. I now have full front and side movement. I can also put my arm behind my back and gradually I am able to lift it higher. I am so pleased with the result, thanks, Megan!


    I can thoroughly recommend Bansel Osteopathy. Over the last 7 years both my children and I have received superb treatment. As babies both my children both saw Jasi for Cranial Osteopathy which resolved their issues. Most recently I’ve been receiving treatment from Anjy Chahal for over a year now, for lower back pain, neck and tension issues. I cannot recommend Anjy highly enough, her treatment has been really effective helping me. She is always friendly and I can trust her 100%. Anjy has given me some great advise of exercises and suggestions to ease the discomfort. Anjy is extremely professional, and is highly trained Osteopath.


    Following a difficult birth, Jasi treated my six week old son with cranial osteopathy and helped to relieve his colic, transforming a very difficult first baby into a manageable one. So as a matter of course, I took my second child who had her own set of problems following a caesarean birth to Jasi for treatment, and she straightened those out too. Jasi has also treated my husband, who after years of heavy physical work and motorcar racing as a hobby suffered bad migraines and a painful back. After the initial intensive treatment course, he now goes for maintenance and is problem-free. Jasi has also treated him for his sleeplessness and tiredness through kinesiology and has also helped me get rid of my candida. All in all, Jasi has helped every member of my family through her vast knowledge and technical understanding of the human body and how to manipulate it.


    Jasi has been successfully managing my complex heath issues for a number of years. Her exceptional skills as an osteopath and kinesiologist has enabled me to lead a normal active life. I must also recommend the excellent osteopathic treatments I have had from her colleagues Megan and Kayleigh. They are both highly skilled and understand my complex health issues, ensuring treatments are very effective. I cannot thank the whole team enough for the continuity of care they give me.


    I would just like to say that during these times of crisis Jasi has not let me down. I suffer quite a lot with my joints and back and end up in excruciating pain. Since we have all been on lockdown Jasi has been amazing as usual by putting her clients first and does video calls to make sure they are all ok. She has given me a list of exercises and pressure points to do and I couldn’t be more grateful.

    Thank you Jasi you are exceptional and the best I would never go anywhere else.

    Online Consultation Review

    Thank you Jasi for coming to the rescue with your excellent one to one online consultations, using your extensive knowledge and experience to develop my own personal treatment plan. This has allowed me to continue to manage and improve my complex condition, now hands-on osteopathy is not possible due to social distancing.
    Once again a big thank you for all your help.
    Di Law

    Di Online Review

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