Osteopathy and Neck Pain

Neck pain is a very common problem in people of all ages and if not treated and managed properly, it can result in acute or severe chronic pain.

Your neck is made up of seven vertebrae, six discs and various muscle, nerve and connective tissues.  The upper three joints provide the majority of your neck and head movement while the lower four along with your upper back help to support the weight of your head. Any negative impact to these structures can result in discomfort and pain.  In addition to a direct injury, neck pain can also often be caused by how we use our neck in our everyday lives: working all day at a computer, using mobile devices, poor posture and stress can all contribute to the muscles in the neck and upper back becoming tight and inflamed.  In some cases, the nerves in the neck can get irritated by these muscles and joints causing weakness, radiating pain or pins and needles in the shoulder and hand.  Some patients also report suffering from headaches which can be the result of this tension through the neck and upper back.

How Can Osteopathy Help?

Osteopathy can help by reducing tissue tension and improving neck function and mobility.  Treatments are tailored and take a holistic approach so they will often include work on the back as well as the neck.  Treatment will consist of a variety of techniques such as soft tissue release, cranial osteopathy, mobilisation, gentle neck manipulation depending on a patient’s age and symptoms as well as postural advice and exercises for stretching and strengthening the neck.

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