Stronger Backs For 2022! Perfect Posture!

How Good Is Your Posture?

Putting in the effort to improve your posture has huge payoffs: not only will using your body in a more efficient and balanced way reduce pain, prevent wear and tear on your joints, minimise the risk of muscle strains, help with good balance, improve your appearance, it also ensures your circulatory system, organs and nervous system function optimally.

So what is good posture?

Good posture is described as a position in which your body can move and function with the least strain on itself. To achieve and maintain this, you must have adequate muscle flexibility and strength, good movement in your spine, pelvis and peripheral joints as well as efficient postural muscles that are balanced on both sides.

How can I change my posture?

Improving your posture is the same as changing any habit and although it is a constant process to maintain, it should take around 3 weeks to make noticeable changes.

The first stage is to recognise any poor postural habits at home and in the workplace so we can address them. In the upcoming videos we will look at the common posture types and mistakes people make along with the relevant advice and exercises to correct them.

Check out the videos below for some tips on how to stand and sit at your desk properly!

Join Shani for this quick and easy video on how to assess your posture at home using a door frame!

Check out Hiisha’s video on how to achieve balanced standing posture! This video is full of detailed tips and is also perfect for the complete beginner to understanding posture!

Seated posture is also very important! Here’s Shani’s tips for desk and chair positioning to support your posture!

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