Strengthening Your Obliques With Hiisha And Shani!

Join Hiisha and Shani for our latest videos in our core strengthening series! These exercises will target your oblique muscles! 

Now we’ve activated and strengthened your core, the next portion of our stronger backs for 2022 series will focus on improving your posture! Your core muscles: abdominals, glutes, lower trapezius and pelvic floor are essential for achieving this.

All videos in this series are available on our Back & Core Playlist!

In this video, Hiisha will show you how to do a Russian twist! This exercise will activate your rectus abdominous and your obliques! 
Join Shani for a dead bug exercise! Dead bugs will target both your rectus and transverse abdominous, as well as your obliques and lower trapezius muscles.
In this video, Shani will teach you a half-kneeling woodchop! This exercise also focuses on your rectus and transverse abdominals as well as your obliques and lower trapezius!

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