A Guide to Stretchology

What is Stretchology?

Stretchology is a 1-2-1 assisted stretching system carried out by a certified Stretchologist. 

How does Stretchology work?

After a consultation, talking through your concerns and assessing your range of movement, the Stretchologist will use a series of techniques including an adapted proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) technique to improve flexibility through your fascial, muscle and joint tissues, which will increase mobility and reduce stiffness.

What are the advantages of Stretchology?

  • Reduces back, joint and muscle pain, muscular soreness and tension.
  • Lowers the risk of injury, especially muscle and ligament sprains.
  • Improves posture and balanced symmetry.
  • Optimises physical performance.
  • Restores normal joint-space and alignment.
  • Increases the release of endorphins which improve our sense of well-being and are in themselves a natural pain suppressant.

Would I benefit from Stretchology?

Stretchology is suitable for any age group, lifestyle and body type, in fact everyone could benefit from a bit of stretching!  For example:

  • You sit at a desk for long periods of time and feel the need to stretch out your muscles, regain posture and get yourself moving again.
  • Pre-workout stretching can warm up your muscles and reduce the risk of sporting injuries.
  • Post-workout stretching can increase blood flow and lengthen your muscles which have contracted during periods of intensive exercise.
  • If you are coming back from a sporting injury and you feel that your muscles need an extra stretch-boost to get you back on track.

Stretchology Prices:

Stretchology Consultation (1 hour) – £55

Stretchology Stretch Session (30 mins) – £35

OFFER – This December we will be offering £10 off your first Stretchology session with Faith! 

Why not give Stretchology a go…?

Stretchology at Bansel Osteopathy

We are delighted to welcome Faith Chamberlain to the team here at Bansel Osteopathy.   

Faith is a senior stretchologist at StretchLab in London, with an experienced background in assisted stretching. Faith believes regular stretching of the muscles is a key component to good physical health of the joints, muscles and overall wellbeing. Alongside stretching, she will use soft tissue massage, joint manipulations, and other manual therapy techniques, paired with rehabilitative exercises to treat a varying array of issues for long-term results.

Faith has a Masters degree in Osteopathy and is certified in medical acupuncture and osteopathic lymphatic drainage techniques.

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