It’s Time To Embrace A New Fitness Regime

Health and fitness comes out top for most people wanting to start or improve their fitness and wellbeing journey. Here are a few suggestions to help you get you started.

Join a Gym:

Joining a local gym can be a great way of getting fit and meeting new people.  Many gyms will offer a free consultation and suggest a fitness plan for you to follow using the equipment on hand.  Larger gyms will also have the option of a personal trainer to help you reach those fitness goals and give you that extra bit of encouragement. Gym memberships can also include other facilities such as swimming, sports courts and fitness classes. However, gym fees can be expensive so make sure you look for the best deals that suit your fitness needs.

Online Workouts:

Online workouts can be more appealing than fitness classes and gym memberships especially for those who are just starting their fitness journey. Some people thrive on being part of a group when doing a work-out but others feel the pressure of being judged by others and may struggle to keep up the pace of a live class. Online workouts can also be a more affordable option or even free for those on a budget – no gym fees or cost of signing up for a series of classes.  You can do it at your own pace, fit it into your work-day or around childcare responsibilities. The only down-side to online workouts is that you have to be strict with sticking to a routine because it is very easy to become distracted and tell yourself you will do it later!

Virtual Classes:

Virtual fitness classes are another option accessible online for you to join in at home.  These can be streamed live or recorded for you to do whenever suits you. Often these classes come at a cost, either on a subscription basis or individual classes.  These can be good for those who want a more tailored workout, advice and encouragement from an instructor or series of classes and goals to work towards.  As they have a cost attached to them you might also be more likely to work-out!

Fitness Classes:

Not everyone likes to go to the gym.  Fitness classes are a very popular form of exercise, for both men and women. Gyms can often offer a wide variety of options such as aerobics, aqua-fit and bike spin classes but you will also find lots of smaller providers offering everything from dance to boxing!  Smaller classes mean more one-to-one time with instructors for those who need a little extra encouragement and technique.

If you are thinking about getting back into fitness and want to stretch out those muscles and get ready then maybe try Stretchology with Faith here at the clinic!

Mental Health:    

Focussing on our mental health is just as important as our physical health.  Getting together with people for group activities such as walking, knitting, book clubs or just a cup of tea and a chat helps to keep our mental health on track.  Local group information can often be found in libraries, GP surgeries and community centres.  For more information and advice go to

You can also encourage positive mental health with meditation, yoga and Pilates as well as mindfulness and breathing exercises. Book 1-on-1 yoga with Jackie here at the clinic.

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